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I will start by saying the weather on my wedding day was perfect. The forecast was 20°C with 30 % chance of rain, but it was hot with no rain till we got back to the hotel. Perfect wedding night weather.

Sunny Day

While I was getting ready (first hair, then makeup) I was completely freaking out. I had misplaced the ribbon of my lace up dress. One of my photographers was on her way to the shop already just to buy me a ribbon. Luckily my mother in law arrived and had a white ribbon with her.


Before I put on THE dress I first helped my bridesmaids and page boys get dressed. The page boys looked amazing. At first I wasn’t sure if the Chino shorts, white shirt, denim shoes paired with suspenders and a bow tie was going to work, but they looked so handsome and cute like a two tier, secret center cupcakes.

My husband and I with the page boys

If you take anything from this post at least take this. There is no better look that you will ever get from your spouse than on your wedding day. Those big sparkling brown eyes looking back at me made the rest of the world just fade away.

That Smile

I felt like I was the only person there and the only girl for him. ?

He looked very handsome in his suit as I have never seen him in a suit before. I picked his suit for him (I love my husband to bits, but he has no fashion sense). He wore a greyish, skinny cut suit, as he is thin and tall, paired with a white shirt with black details and a black and white bow tie.

He looked truly dashing!

Groom Hanging Around


Half of our guests did not come to the wedding, even some of them who RSVP’ed (quite a few guests got lost even though we included directions cards with the invitation). Now i’m happy about it as it made the day more intimate.  

My wedding cake fell apart. Thank heavens it happened when we were busy taking couples pictures(I would have lost my mind). Luckily, we organised a wedding planner (just a friend of my husband’s cousin), but she is very organised and handled it like a pro. The reception was a bit delayed, as Arlene (the wedding planner), was busy getting the cake maker to come back. The cake was a goner and the cake lady had to whip something together fast. Luckily my husband provided her with a list of contact numbers of all the suppliers.

It looked amazing. Even on such short notice.

Wedding Cake

Before the reception my husband and I had a chance to take pictures and chat with the guests. I got to take a few selfies. That was the only time we were apart during the wedding as we got pulled apart.

The Itinerary 


I was suppose to walk down the aisle at 2pm, but it’s not an event if you’re not fashionably late. The ceremony started around 2:30pm.Straight after the whole confetti story, the guests had a chance to congratulate us.

Bride Popping Confetti

Buffet style dessert was served outside with picnic tables and umbrellas. Meanwhile my husband and I was busy taking couples pictures and no guest was allowed to be present. Only the wedding party.

After what felt like ten minutes, but in actual fact was a few hours, we got back to our guests who were still enjoying their dessert. We took some family pictures during this time.

The reception followed and after all the eating and our dance, we took off to the hotel. Not before we took pictures with props. The guest had a blast with the props.

Bride and Groom Taking Crazy Pictures

On our way to the hotel we spoke and spoke about the day. It was the happiest day of my life.

Oh, I was suppose to have four bridesmaids but one of my friends always had excuses upon excuses why she can’t come to the get togethers or fittings. So i ended up having only three bridesmaids. My husband (how I love using that word HUSBAND) was also supposed to have four groomsmen but it was the same story with him. It worked out I guess.

Our First Dance

Honeymoon to follow and boy do I have a story to tell.

Stay doozy!

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