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So this past Friday(it’s Monday today) I finished my job in the Retail sector and I am currently sitting in Worcester Mc Donald’s writing this blog post. I guess I’m one step closer to becoming a digital nomad. O wait I am a Digital Nomad.

Next stop is Mugg and Bean. Promise I won’t only be writing about where I’m working from. I will be writing or posting updates on where I am working from cause it will get more interesting once we start traveling abroad.

So now that I am done with my full-time employment it feels weird. I’m so used to being busy on a Monday morning planning my week. I still have to get used to this. It feels super great though. My husband says it looks like I’m enjoying this and I’m excited. Can you blame me?

New Job

As I mentioned before I got an offer a remote job and I am starting in October. From the 5th of October, I will be working in-office for a week before we fly late in October. I will be working for a week in office training and learning the ropes. How we make money to fund our travels will be a post on its own. Our flights are the 12th October and we will land in Bangkok. I’m not sure what I am expecting but, working remotely is going to give me more freedom and time to enjoy the smaller things in life.

What we still have left

For now, we are still trying to sell some of our belongings and we have 3 weeks left to sell them. The mistake we made was keeping this for friends and family when they were interested in some of our belongings. Only to be let down when they did not want the stuff anymore when the time came. It’s not the end of the world not selling all our belongings. We can always leave some stuff behind and try and sell them at a later stage.

From now onwards, I will refer to my husband as Kurt.

Kurt and I have decided to start a blog together from his and her viewpoint on the traveling hassles we face. He is not too keen on writing much. We will see how that goes. As soon as we launch I will post the link on my social media. He has been blogging way longer than me but, he mostly does tutorials.

What’s next for to next 2 weeks?

For the next 2 weeks, I will solely be focusing on my blog and getting that up and running. I am currently writing and editing post as I have written quite a few post the past few month but never edited them. My biggest struggle right now is finding the right artwork for my post. I have always struggled with that unless it’s my own images. I guess that means I have to take more pictures (mental note always take pictures of your surroundings).

Today alone I wrote 4 posts and started editing 2 of my older post.

Here is to much more great times and productive days.

I know this is a bit of a pointless post but it’s an update.

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