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Things people don’t know about wedding planning. (uncut)

I have been planning my own wedding. These are a few things that I have encountered during this time. At the time of this post I am 4 weeks away from my wedding day. With each passing day, the excitement and stress levels rise. Tremendously! Luckily my wedding dress and accessories are all taken care of.

I’m new to blogging. Be nice.

10 things I didn’t know about wedding planning

1. Deciding who to invite is a nightmare. You don’t want to offend anyone, but you just want your close friends and family at your wedding(unless you plan otherwise). When my fiance and I sat down for the guest list things got sticky as we disagreed on who to invite. We managed to find a system that works. I found this on Pinterest.

Wedding Planning: How to shorten your guest list in 30 seconds!

2. Handing out invitations if the whole household is not invited is uncomfortable. It had to be done. We had a set system and did consider that our guest wouldn’t want to come alone.
3. Pinterest is a brides enemy. Even though I got great ideas from Pinterest, it might make you change your mind a million times more than without Pinterest.
4. The couple assume the guest can understand the invitation. In actual fact, they don’t. You will indicate the number of people admitted per invite or address them personally and yet people will still bring that +1 without clearing it with the couple. Also not RSVPing when indicated to do so. This was a problem even before the wedding as we got a whiff of people making alternative plans as to who is coming with to the wedding.
5. You pay per head for your catering. Meaning you budget for the amount of people you plan on entertaining. (If your caterer charges a flat fee change your caterer. That’s just my opinion). What must the +1 eat? Will the person bringing the +1 buy take out for the +1. ?
6. It’s stressful planning a wedding and this everyone can figure out. Yet there will always be people complicating things. Be helpful. If you’re not then don’t voice your opinions as it’s the couple’s big day, not yours.
7. The bride plans the wedding. The groom just shows up.
8. The best present you can give the wedding couple will be money, vouchers or just ask what they want. That is if they don’t have a registry.
9. There are great sites and ways to save on your honeymoon. Like going to a country where you don’t need a visa. That’s what my fiance and I are planning on doing.
10. The couple wants a wedding that’s their own. That’s suits both their personalities. Not to insult anyone with not considering or not going with their ideas. Be respectful and respect their wishes.

That’s just a few that I mentioned but the list can go on.

I am back from honeymoon and will write a follow-up on the wedding day and honeymoon soon. I will include a few wedding and honeymoon pictures. Stay tuned more to follow.

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